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Mary Yount Manager

My relationship with EverGreene Jewelers began in 1999 upon returning to Minnesota after leaving the corporate world with a national retailer. I needed a jeweler and my father told me about Jerry and Liz at EverGreene Jewelers. Our friendship developed into my career at EverGreene Jewelers which began in 2003. And that speaks to how it is at our store – it’s about relationships. Much of why I love my work is having the opportunity to know the customers and create friendships. Some of these relationships have become generational. How great to work with grandparents, their children and their children’s children. That says something about the enduring aspects of the jewelry business!

I like working behind the scene with store management, but I also love the one on one interaction with our clients. How great to be able to assist others in their selection of that special jewelry item whether they are getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary or birth of a child or any of life’s events! After all, I get to work with products I love – JEWELRY, and see the pleasure it brings others. How fun is that! I get to hear a lot of life’s stories which brings out the personality of the jewelry. Yes, it really is a personal and relationship kind of business unlike any other retail business.

EverGreene Jewelers has been your reliable jeweler since 1979 not just because of its associates, but also because of wonderful customers like YOU! Mary

Shar Personal Sales Executive/specialties in estate appraisal and custom design

Years at Evergreene: 23 Celebration of Jewelry: There is a celebration of story in each piece of jewelry.

I receive the most joy out of combining family jewelry into one of a kind pieces that represent a new story or continue to build on an existing one.

My reason to love the business is to share story and celebrate the uniqueness of art and style. Shar

Lisa Nash Kendall Sales and Design Consultant.

Started with EverGreene Jewelers August 2011…going on my 10th year. Favorite jewelry story…and there are many…but one stands out. And that is the story of a couple who became engaged right on our sales floor! She was totally surprised when he proposed, ring in hand. She had been wondering why they had stopped in…but left the store very excited. Never saw it coming! One other wonderful story…an older client came in with a couple of rings she had inherited. The rings had multiple diamonds, like dinner rings of the past. We designed 7 pendants for all the granddaughters, using the stones from these vintage rings. Made a lot of diamond dreams come true.

Which leads me to why I love this business. I have the privilege of being a part of some very special life changing events, and take my role in this seriously. It is my job to make the shopping experience smooth and seamless for our clients, providing outstanding customer service. As your personal jeweler, my goal is to deliver as promised, in a very timely fashion, and with exceptional value. Lisa

Tina Ashley Part time Sales Associate
How many years...
3-1/2 years

A favorite celebration of jewelry...A sweet memory is of a loving husband who brought his wife into Evergreene to purchase her a new diamond. When they were married over 40 years ago, their budget was small, and now he wanted to demonstrate his love by upgrading her diamond. She is very sentimental about her original stone and didn’t want to change it. I was able to show them how a diamond halo around the original stone made it sparkle while retaining her long loved diamond. When he put the ring with the new halo on her hand, I think they both cried! Helping people celebrate their life and love is wonderful! Tina

Liz Greene Simmons Owner, Sales and Design Consultant.

It’s been a privilage to be part of the jewlery business for over 30 years. My father, Jerry Greene, who is the founder of EverGreene Jewelers, has always said, “The jewelry business is a happy business.” When working with clients for an engagement ring or a diamond anniversary ring it symbolizes so much. The love they’ve built and the commitment they’ve made to one another.

The beauty of this businees has been the past, the present and the future! Glory to God and I am thankful to our clients and the associates that have worked at this store and the other businesses that have helped us along the way. Thanks to my mom and dad and family that have encouraged and inspired me!