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Amy and Tyler’s Story

“I went to EvergGreene Jewelers for an engagement ring for my then girlfriend, Amy. I did not know very much about jewelry, especially engagement rings, when I started my ring search. When I entered the store, Liz and her team welcomed me and began to educate me about the engagement ring process. Liz took a lot of time to teach me about the four C’s of a diamond, about the different types of metals used in engagement rings and wedding bands, and about the different styles and types of engagement rings available today.

“After teaching me about engagement rings, Liz encouraged me to choose a few rings and diamonds that interested me. Liz was honest about the grade of each diamond, where each diamond was from, and the price of each diamond and ring. She even let me look at the diamonds I was interested in with my own eye loupe. It was cool to be able to use the education I received from Liz to inform me on what I was planning to purchase.

“As I narrowed down my engagement ring search, Liz asked me thought provoking questions and gave me great advice, which helped me choose the best ring for Amy. Because of my experience at EverGreene Jewelers, I felt incredibly confident in the ring I was purchasing and the people I was purchasing it from. They helped catapult me to an amazing engagement moment that took Amy’s breath away.